Introducing FiskPay

The only truly anonymous Crypto Payment Gateway



Token Presale

Become a Fisk Early Adopter through our live Presale
Presale Portal

Minimum initial amount:
10 MATIC from funder 1 to 20
15 MATIC from funder 21 to 40
20 MATIC from funder 41 to 60
30 MATIC from funder 61 to 80
50 MATIC from funder 81 to 100

Minimum amount:
1 MATIC from funder 1 to 100

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*Joining presale requires that you have a web3 wallet extension installed in your browser



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Mint A Wallet

If you have five (5) wallets, minting a new wallet will automatically replace the oldest one (Wallet #5).

All funds in Wallet #5 (if any) will be permanently lost.

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How To

Get Started

    • In order to create a FiskPay wallet, you need to have MetaMask extension enabled in your browser.
    • Go to Wallet Dashboard and click "Connect".
    • Once connected your wallet address will show up, under the "Injected Address" header.
    • Click on the "Accept" toggle in the "Mint A Wallet" header and hit "Mint a Wallet".
    • To start receiving payments, you will require the dependency files. Click here to get it.
    • Unzip it and open the "fiskpay_dependency.js" with a text editor.
    • Copy your newly minted wallet address and paste it as shown in the example inside the js file.
    • After adding your wallet address to the "fiskpay_dependency.js" file, you will have to include it in your website.
    • Move the file inside your website folder, so you can access it through your web browser.
    • Next, copy the code below inside your website header tags. You will need to modify the code, according to the file location.
      <script src=""></script>
    • Every time you receive a (cleared) payment, we alert you about it using an Instant Payment Notification (IPN).
    • Inside the extracted folder there is a file called "fiskpay_ipn.php". Open it with a text editor and paste your wallet address as shown in the example.
    • Following, paste your custom code in the designated spot inside the file. This code will be executed whenever you receive a payment.
    • Finally, move the "fiskpay_ipn.php" file, inside your web folder. Check that the file is available online, using your web browser.
    • Get (copy) the link to your IPN file.
    • Back to the extracted folder there is a file called "button.html". This file contains the payment button you will be adding to your website. Open it with a text editor.
    • Paste the previously copied link in the button code, replacing the "" with your link.
    • Add the data/information/text you want to post to the IPN by modifing the button code. There are some examples inside the file, in order to help you configure your button.
    • Copy the modified button html code and paste it to your website.
    • You are now ready to receive your payments. We strongly suggest you test your button in the Mumbay Network (Testnet) before going live.